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PostHeaderIcon Fiddler Solar Garden Gnome

Fiddler Solar Garden Gnome
The owl and the pussycat may have danced by the light of the moon, but just how did the fiddler see to play for them? It is entirely possible he may have been one of our enchanted and enchanting fiddler solar gnomes, complete with an audience of frogs and his own light source. This delightful character is one of the most popular ever when it comes to yard and garden décor. Some say they are mythical characters, but you had better not turn your back on him too long or he will have a square dance going in your geranium bed. Resin. 7.5 x 6.75 x 7.75 inches.

Fiddler Solar Garden Gnome

PostHeaderIcon Garden Gnome Holding Lantern

Garden Gnome Holding Lantern
Shine a little light on the hijinks that go on in your garden, with this hilarious garden gnome holding a lantern. Not only will his bold Santa Claus inspired red suit brighten a flowerbed not yet in bloom, but that solar powered lantern will cast a mysterious glow on a path or special plant! The gnome is the most beloved of garden décor characters, and you’ll set the pace for your neighbourhood with his cheerful, wizened face and wonderfully detailed costume. A fun gift for any reason! Painted resin. Solar light included. 12 x 8 x 20 inches.

Garden Gnome Holding Lantern

PostHeaderIcon Solar Garden Gnome

Solar Garden Gnome Solar Garden Gnome
Need a little light at night? Like a little more humor in your outdoor décor for the daytime? Get both, in this fun, solar garden gnome. The most popular garden and yard figurine ever, the gnome by nature is an amusing character, both for their design and their legendary antics. A delightful addition to your garden, patio, deck, fishpond landscaping, and more! “Gnome” a friend for their birthday and leave him on their desk at work, the top of their car, or other unexpected places. Painted resin. Solar-powered lantern. 18 x 11 x 6 inches.

Solar Garden Gnome

PostHeaderIcon Hiking Solar Garden Gnome

E-V Hiking Solar Gnome In Full Color

Hiking Solar Gnome In Full Color

A dignified statue with a natural finish of poly resin construction. The lighted resin statue is solar powered with rechargeable ni-cad batteries which are used to light the figure. A photo cell turns the LED light on at dusk and it will stay lit for 4 to 6 hours! The rain-proof solar panels on the back side of each statue base will re-charge the batteries during the day. However, take in this gnome during the winter! Freezing is not recommended!

PostHeaderIcon Dallas Cowboys Solar Garden Gnome

Dallas Cowboys Solar Garden Gnome

Dallas Cowboys Solar Garden Gnome

This gnome is powered by the sun during the day and illuminates and shines in the evening. This figure is 15 inches tall and is armed with a NFL team lantern. It is made of a durable resin material and feature official Dallas Cowboys colors and logos. Made by Forever Collectibles.