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My Store Sitemap

Site Map

  • Garden Gnomes For Sale
  • Garden Gnome History
    The history of the garden gnomes.
  • Garden Gnome Liberation
    Garden Gnome Liberation is an amusing, but illegal prank that has taken place throughout the world. Check out some of the details of documented gnome liberations here.
  • Garden Gnome Trivia
    Garden gnomes are cool and fun! Learn something new and impress your friends with some garden gnome trivia.
  • Gnomes Against Facism
    Video of a gnome protest against fascism
  • Traveling Gnome Pranks
    Traveling gnome pranks continue to confound police and annoy garden owners across the globe. Read about some of the gnome pranks that have taken place on this page.

  • Store Pages
  • Garden Gnomes On Auction
    Garden Gnomes for sale at great prices! Unique statues of sprites, fairies, dwarves, and elves to stand guard in your lawn.
  • Angels, Cherubs
    Garden angels are a must have for every home. These guardian statues help to beautify their surroundings and provide angelic protection to your plants and lawn.
  • Animals & Birds
    Garden animal statues are a great gift for the nature lover. We have great prices on birds, squirrels, geese, and all other popular animals!
  • Boys & Girls
    Unique statues of people are now available for placement in your lawn or garden.
  • Gargoyles & Dragons
    Garden gargoyles and dragons will protect your plants and home by scaring away pests with their hideous features and menacing presence.
  • The Sun, The Moon, & The Stars
    Garden statues and yard ornaments representing the astrological aspects of life. Artistic sculptures of the sun, moon, and stars are welcome mystical and magical additions to any garden.
  • Tree Faces & Lawn Art
    Express the individuality of your home and garden with unique lawn art items such as cool tree faces that will leave your neighbors amused and jealous!

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